Digital Twin Munich

The digital image of the City of Munich for analyses, simulations and what-if scenarios. Under the leadership of the GeodataService Munich, the Digital Twin is being set up and further developed as a joint effort of the city family.

Our Vision

The Digital Twin is the digital heart of Munich, the city of the future. It can be used to meet the challenges of the Smart City Munich with innovative solutions.

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The Urban Data Platform is the central data hub of the Digital Twin. It is used to network formerly separate stand-alone solutions into a common ecosystem for the city. This enables the city administration to digitize its processes which aids innovation and the realization of new ideas. Changes are visualized in advance and citizens are better involved in decisions.

Key future issues such as climate protection, future-oriented mobility or integrated urban development can be best implemented by the city family using the Digital Twin.

Components of the Digital Twin

Digitaler Zwilling Symbolbild Urban Data Platform

Urban Data Platform

The IT components of the Digital Twin are composed of an external showcase (GeoPortal Munich) and the server components behind it. The servers consist primarily of the Munich geodata infrastructure and the sensor data infrastructure currently under construction for processing and providing real-time information. By networking with other platforms, the data technology core of the digital twin is thus created: the Urban Data Platform Munich. This offers numerous interfaces to connect further specialized applications. Get an overview with the help of the following video: "What is the Digital Twin of Munich?"

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Application Examples

In many projects, the digital twin enables the integration of real data to realize the research and development of new concepts for Munich. In this way, extensive "what-if" scenarios can be simulated. For example, for the challenges of climate protection, urban mobility or for innovative approaches to urban development. You can find more information about simulations and analyses with the Digital Twin Munich in the following video: "Simulations and Analyses with the Digital Twin Munich"

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The basis for the Digital Twin Munich is detailed geodata. These are available in 2D and as a 3D city model. The database is continuously being further developed. Mobile mapping plays a central role in this process. Data from the city administration, the public utility company and the Munich transport company add extensive specialized information to the database. The integration of real-time data such as weather data, noise or air pollution measurements, and traffic volumes is particularly relevant for a digital representation of the real city. Data protection is always at the center of this process. In the video you will get a further insight into the data basis: "Data maintenance for the Digital Twin Munich"

Learn more about the Digital Twin

What is the Digital Twin of Munich?

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Simulations and Analyses with the Digital Twin Munich

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Role of the Digital Twin in Our City

As mayor I’m excited about this digital image of our innovative City of Munich. All departments of the city administration can contribute to it, and everyone benefits from it – especially our citizens. This is a true joint effort to shape digitization for the benefit of our city. Virtually, we can then test things together that will help us in the real world.

3. Bürgermeisterin Verena Dietl
Verena Dietl 3rd Mayor

Partners and Network

Departments of the City of Munich

The Digital Twin Munich is being developed under the leadership of the GeodataService in the Department of Communal Services in close cooperation with the IT Department and the municipal departments. This also involves close collaboration with other partners.

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Logo: München. Digital. Twin.
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